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Dictus Fleximproves the mobilityof users with foot drop

The Dictus Band has helped thousands of users who suffer with foot drop to live a normal everyday life again. The band lifts the foot immediately after toe off, which reduces the risk of tripping on doorsteps, the edges of rugs or cobbles. This enables the user to move around unhindered again, enjoy walks and not have to worry about accidents.

A discreet and comfortable aid for all foot drop sufferersThe Dictus Band is a discreet aid that is suitable for use with shoes with laces. It consists of an ankle strap, a rubber band and an attachment that is fitted to the shoe. The ankle strap is secured easily around the leg with velcro and sits comfortably in place all day. The strap is made from real leather, which becomes softer and more comfortable each time you wear it. The ankle strap is connected to the shoe attachment by a rubber band. Dictus Flex features a rubber band with two integrated plates. The Flex rubber band firmly supports the foot and can be easily tightened and adjusted as required.


- Gives the user confidence and freedom by reducing the risk of tripping and falling
- Made from durable leath-er, which gets softer each time you wear it
- Flex rubber band that can be tightened and adjusted
- A discreet aid that is suit-able for use with most types of shoes
- Available for both adults and children


  Art nr. Product   Colour
Flex 180817 HR 3  530400-031 Dictus DS-04XL Xlarge >26cm Black
530400-021 Dictus DS-04L Large 20-27cm Black
530400-011 Dictus DS-04M Medium 15-20cm Black
530400-000 Dictus DS-04J Child 12-17cm Black
 Flex 180817 HR 4 530300-011 DS-03R Barefoot right Black
530300-111 DS-03L Barefoot left Black
530300-000 DS-03J Barefoot child Black
 Flex 180817 HR 5 530100-400 Flex elastic strap J/M 35cm   Black
530100-440 Flex elastic strap L/XL 40cm   Black
530100-041 Rubber band / singel   Black
530100-941 Rubber band 9 mm shorter/single   Black
Flex 180817 HR 6 530100-003 S-hooks/pair    
530100-001 Plastic hooks/pair   Black
530100-002 Monohook for Dictus/single    Black


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